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Compact is the lightest portable massage table in the world for its size. Weighs only 5.5kg yet super strong and rigid


From 6kg

Mini-Me is the Lightest portable massage table. Weighs only 6.5kg yet stron and comfy


From 6.6kg

Meridian Tables logo. Meridian manufacture the lightest weight portable massage tables in the world and the EasyLift - the only portable that function as power lift

Lightest weight portable 

massage tables

Lightest weight portable massage table. The Atmosphere weighs from only 6.5kg yet super strong and confy
King - Lightweight, extra large and luxsurious portable massage table


From 6kg


From 7.6kg


Extra wide 82-85cm 

From 7.9kg

Atmosphere massage table with EasyLift legs. Hight can be easily changed whilst client is on the table


Atmosphere is the Lightest full size massage table with face hole. By far lighter than any other full size table on the market. Truly lightweight from 6.3kg yet still comfy, strong (can hold 1000kg), durable and upgradable with the EasyLift legs and many other upgrades. Available in 4 sizes and optional hight range adjustable legs. For more information and online shop click on links.

Atmosphere 68

68cm wide - 7kg

Atmosphere 71

71cm wide - 7.5kg

Atmosphere 73

73cm wide - 7.7kg

Atmosphere 60

60cm wide - 6.5kg

Compact-facehole-wings-5 small.png


The Mini-Me is a compact light-weight table for the mobile practitioner who prefers using the Face-Cradle (headrest) Arm-Rest system. The table's body is shorter than normal size tables as together with the extanded headrest (included in price) it is still longer than standard face hole style tables. Available in 4 sizes and optional hight range adjustable legs. No EasyLift legs upgrade is available with the Mini-Me. For more info' and online shop click on links

Mini-Me 60

60cm wide - 6.6kg

Mini-Me 68

68cm wide - 7.2kg

Mini-Me 71

71cm wide - 7.8kg

Mini-Me 73

73cm wide - 8kg



As its name suggests a truly compact is so easy and light weight to lug around! Due to its narrow width (49cm), it can be carried as a suitcase i.e. – it can be carried with a straight arm. Even though the Compact table is so small and narrow, customer comfort is still maintained thanks to arm rests, wings, a soft face pad and 50mm thick multy purpose foam. This table is great for deep strong body work and the practitioner can even stand above the client and use max weight. Not suitable for every modality and practitioner. Please examine carefully the benefits and limitations of this table before making a decision. For more info' and online shop click on links


Compact facehole

49cm wide - 5.3kg

Compact Headrest

49cm wide - 5.5kg

EasyLift legs

EasyLift Legs

 The “Easy-Lift” legs upgrade - allow the height of the table to be easily adjusted whilst the client is on the table. No need for electricity or any other power source. The upgrade add 2kg to the weight of the table. Can be done when you order the table or later on. 

Which models can be upgraded with the EasyLift Legs? 

Basically all portables we make except for the Mini-me and compact models. The EasyLift Legs work best with face hole style models. If we fit them on headrest extensions only models - it makes it too hard for your foot to reach the paddle and also the client's weight is distributed unevenly and it create too much effort to change the height on the head side

What is the hight range of EasyLift Legs? 

The EasyLift legs provide 20cm hight range. You can choose

  • Standard 60-80cm

  • Extra Low 50-70cm (custom made)

  • Extra high 65-85cm (custom made)

How do I order the EasyLift table? 

You can order your table included with the EasyLift Legs or upgrade it later on. Cost the same. So to order the table with EasyLift Legs first decide what model/size/width you would like, then decide which option of height range is most suitable for you. So ether:

  1. Go into any of the Atmosphere or King models and decide if you wish to add the EasyLift Legs in the options menu or

  2. Order the table of your choice included with the EasyLift Legs here: 



The King model is a luxurious extra wide 85cm with plush thick deluxe foam 75mm thick or lightweight version 82cm wide 50mm thick foam. Available in different height range adjustable legs and different types vinyls covers. Can be upgraded with the EasyLift Legs, headrest, armrest and other upgrades. The king has slightly different shape to the other models. For more info' and prices click on photos links.  



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